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Projects 🏗

Here's some of the cool stuff I've worked on outside of work.

Super JSON Mode: A Framework for Accelerated JSON Generation from LLMs [twitter] [github]
Latentverse: Google Street View For Your Mind [link]
Misgif: Personalized AI Generated GIFs [link]
Opendream: A Layer Based Stable Diffusion Web UI [twitter] [github] [hn]
Llama Engineer: A Open Source LLM Fine-tuned on Code Instruct Tasks [twitter] [weights]
HealthGPT: Connecting Apple Health to ChatGPT [twitter] [code]
Merlin: A Magical Text Editor That Edits Text [twitter] [demo]
tenweeks.xyz: Fast Neural Search for Stanford Classes [demo]
Surround.py: A Framework for Immersive Spatial Audio Simulation and Education [demo] [paper] [github]
Deepwound: Automated Postoperative Wound Assessment and Surgical Site Surveillance through Convolutional Neural Networks [ieee] [demo]
Looking Outside the Context Window: In-Context Learning with Up to Hundreds of Examples [paper]
Emblify AI: Google Doodles, for everyone [site]
Stable Diffusion + ControlNet Experiments [coca-cola] [apple]
Auralbyte: Audio to Short-Form Video Made Simple [demo] [site]
GraphGPT: Extracting Knowledge Graphs from Natural Language [demo] [github] [hn]
Prof. Tom Hanks Bot Explains Word Vectors [demo]
Coauthor: English to LaTeX, Powered by AI [demo] [github]
A CHIP-8 Emulator Written in Rust [github]
Magicwall: A React Component for Tokengating Content [github]
Unfold: A Small, Sandboxed DSL for Querying Crypto Wallets [demo] [github]
A Deep Learning Approach for Image Reconstruction from Smartphone Under Display Camera Technology [paper]
Fun with the Fourier Series [paper]
CardinalKit [github] [website]
BitFlow: A Gradient Descent Bit-Width Optimization Technique for Fixed Function Hardware Design
Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror on Bare Metal [demo]
A Web App for Radiograph Annotation [demo]
A Novel Domain Adaptation Framework for Medical Image Segmentation [arxiv]
Utilizing Smartphone-Based Machine Learning in Medical Monitor Data Collection: Seven Segment Digit Recognition [pubmed] [app store]
Nucleon: Chemistry Assistant [app store]
Summit: Summarized News Reader [app store]