Varun Shenoy

EE + CS @ Stanford. Experimenting in public. Cappuccino addict.

  • Learning about complexity theory, language models, and modern history at Stanford.
  • Exploring the startup idea maze and working on side-projects.

I'm primarily a technical builder and enjoy working on creative projects. My academic background is in applied math and systems programming, with splashes of philosophy, hardware design, and psychology.

I spend a lot of time thinking about crafting tight-knit communities for builders. I'm a venture partner at Contrary and help organize Friends and Family.

In my free time, I enjoy tearing apart longform essays, practicing photography, playing ultimate frisbee, and defying gravity (by lifting heavy weights).

If you're interested in any freelance/consulting work from my end, send me an email.

Some Things I Believe
These pages are all dynamic and update as I learn more and chat with cool folks.



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Auralbyte: Audio to Short-Form Video Made Simple [demo] [site]
GraphGPT: Extracting Knowledge Graphs from Natural Language [demo] [github] [hn] Fast Neural Search for Stanford Classes [demo]
Prof. Tom Hanks Bot Explains Word Vectors [demo]
Coauthor: English to LaTeX, Powered by AI [demo] [github]
Unfold: A Small, Sandboxed DSL for Querying Crypto Wallets [demo] [github] A Framework for Immersive Spatial Audio Simulation and Education [demo] [paper] [github]
A Deep Learning Approach for Image Reconstruction from Smartphone Under Display Camera Technology [paper]
Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror on Bare Metal [demo]
You can find all of my projects here