Varun Shenoy

welcome to my corner of the internet :')


I'm a junior at Stanford studying electrical engineering. My coursework spans from convex optimization, operating systems, and Fourier analysis to cell biology and political philosophy.

My interests are in systems engineering, embedded devices, and data analysis. I'm particularly passionate about tech in finance, healthcare, media, and content creation. I'm also a venture partner at Contrary.


I'm taking classes on compilers, virtual reality, and psychotherapy. In my free time, I'm reading about modern financial infrastructure, learning the guitar, messing around with my Canon M50, lifting heavy things, and playing ultimate frisbee.


convex optimization, operating systems, compilers, networking, computational photography, virtual reality, randomized algorithms, signal processing, circuits, digital systems, real analysis


Last summer, I worked with Apple's health software team on domain specific languages. I helped teach CS 342: Building for Digital Health last year.

Before that, I conducted research through CURIS on hardware optimization for fixed-function circuits via machine learning. In the past, I've also worked on ML research at BAIR and the Palo Alto VA Hospital.

Don't Major in Computer Science [old site]
The (Underwhelming) Hype Behind AI and GPT-3 [old site]
Principles & Worldbuilding [old site]

projects A Framework for Immersive Spatial Audio Simulation and Education [paper]
A Deep Learning Approach for Image Reconstruction from Smartphone Under Display Camera Technology [paper]
Fun with the Fourier Series [paper]
CardinalKit (incorporated no-code features) [GitHub]
BitFlow: A Gradient Descent Bit-Width Optimization Technique for Fixed Function Hardware Design
Bare Metal Magic Mirror (for CS107e) [Demo]
A Web App for Radiograph Annotation [Demo]
A Novel Domain Adaptation Framework for Medical Image Segmentation [arXiv]
Deepwound: Automated Postoperative Wound Assessment and Surgical Site Surveillance through Convolutional Neural Networks [IEEE] [Demo]
Utilizing Smartphone-Based Machine Learning in Medical Monitor Data Collection: Seven Segment Digit Recognition [PubMed] [App Store]
Nucleon — Chemistry Assistant [App Store]
Summit — Summarized News Reader [App Store]