Automated Deep Learning-based Postoperative Wound Assessment and Compliance Management

Postoperative recovery is difficult.

After a patient is discharged from a hospital, they are given a postoperative recovery guide which they must follow to prevent any repercussions of surgery, such as surgical site infections (SSIs).

Theia provides a variety of ways to analyze your data. Through daily assessments and counters, patients can keep of medication, exercise, change of wound dressing, weight, and pain — all from their smartphone.


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Powerful AI-backed Wound Assessment

Healthcare providers and patients can both leverage Theia's deep learning algorithm to provide accurate metrics for a wound from a simple image. Using industry-grade machine learning software, Theia generates accurate reports that can then be sent to family and your health support team.

Patients can add wounds and track them over a period of 30 days. Each day, they can provide an image of the surgical site which is then analyzed by our intelligent deep learning algorithm for various wound afflictions, including fibrinous exudate, drainage, infection, and many others. It also detects the specific type of dressing that the surgeon has used, such as sutures, staples, or steri strips. Not only is this beneficial for patients, but doctors can also use it to gain a second opinion on a particular wound.

Recovery Made Easy

Theia simplifies the postsurgical recovery process through an immersive user interface and artificial intelligence.


Quick Test

Scan wounds and recieve results within 10 seconds through our intelligent algorithm.

Daily Assessments

Complete daily assessments to keep track of your postoperative progress.


Track medication, pain, weight, exercise, and the frequency of changing your wound dressing

Wound Reports

Generate clean and professional PDF wound reports with images and graphs from one tap. Share it with your family and doctor.