Cupertino High School Class of 2019

I am a junior at Cupertino High School pursuing a career at the crossroads of computer science, electronics engineering, and healthcare. I strive to build compelling products, design clean user experiences, and learn about new technologies. My current research focus is application-driven bioinformatics powered by machine learning.


United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Data scientist and machine learning specialist at the Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Hospital. Currently working on a research project in collaboration with Stanford University.

Boy Scouts of America

Eagle Scout with Silver Palm from Troop 407 from Cupertino with over 40 merit badges, from Fishing to Electronics. Inducted into the Order of the Arrow, the Boy Scout honor society, in November 2015.

Cupertino FBLA

Leading 250+ members in the competitive events offerend by the FBLA-PBL organization, from business law to graphic design to e-business. Currently at the "Business" level for the Business Achievement Awards offered by FBLA.


Developing free & open source iOS curriculum a teaching initiative by techlab. Taught iOS students a variety of concepts, from maps to database management.
Summer 2016

Cupertino Speech & Debate

Award winning parliamentary debater and extemperaneous speaker. Designed and built for Cupertino High School Speech & Debate. Currently in the Varsity division for both events.

Featured Projects

  • Theia

    Theia is a deep learning based system for automated postoperative wound assessment with a convolutional neural network based backend and iOS frontend. It has won multiple awards at a variety of venues.
  • Research has resulted in Publications
  • Website | Demo Video | Award Page
  • Biosnap

    Biosnap enables you to capture medical monitor data with a picture and store it automatically in your Health app swiftly without the usage of the mobile keyboard. With Biosnap, there's no reason to buy an expensive internet-connected medical monitor or maintain a log of measured biomarkers.
  • Research has resulted in a Publication
  • Paper | App Store | Apple Feature | Demo Video
  • Summit

    Summit is an iOS app that summarizes the daily news. It helps busy people read the news in a matter of seconds. It has over 13,000 downloads and won me a Apple Scholarship to the World Wide Developer Conference in 2016. It also won the 2017 Congressional App Challenge in the CA-17 (Silicon Valley) district.
  • Research has resulted in a Publication
  • Demo Video | App Store | Website | Devpost
  • Dermyx

    Dermyx uses machine learning for bring rapid melanoma diagnosis on a desktop and mobile app. Dermyx was the only high school based team, competing against university medical and CS students, at Stanford health++ 2016. Dermyx won two awards: the IBM Watson Grand Prize and Global Oncology Grand Prize.
  • Swift, IBM Watson, Electron
  • Devpost
  • Agora

    Agora is a mobile application that enables clubs on campus to fundraise money by holding digital yardsales. It was built for the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) 2017 Mobile Application Development competition, winning 1st place in California.
  • Swift, Firebase, Facebook SDK
  • Github | Website | Devpost

Research & Publications

Deepwound: Automated Postoperative Wound Assessment and Surgical Site Surveillance through Convolutional Neural Networks

Demo Video
Published in the Proceedings of the 2018 Surgical Infection Society Annual Meeting

Utilizing Smartphone-Based Machine Learning in Medical Monitor Data Collection: Seven Segment Digit Recognition

Demo Video
Published in the Proceedings of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Annual Symposium
Biosnap on the App Store

A Machine Learning Model for Essay Grading via Random Forest Ensembles and Lexical Feature Extraction through Natural Language Processing

Read Paper


  • Apple SDK (with Swift)
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Python/Node.js for Server Development
  • Git & Github
  • Firebase
  • Java
  • Web APIs
  • OpenCV
  • Python
  • LaTeX
  • Keras
  • Scikit Learn
  • Unix & Bash
  • Data Visualization
  • AWS EC2 + Lambda
  • Sketch
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Unity 5 Game Engine
  • Spanish (limited proficiency)
Currently Learning
  • Electron
  • PyTorch
  • C++
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino
  • Data analysis with Octave, Matlab, & R


Recognition Sponsor Date Accomplishment Link
2018 Apple WWDC Scholarship Recipient Apple Inc. June 2018 for TBD TBD
2nd Place in Poster Presentations, CS+Math National JSHS May 2018 for Deepwound Deepwound
California FBLA 1st Place in Coding & Programming California FBLA Apr. 2018 for Feynman TBD
Eagle Scout with Silver Palm Boy Scouts of America Apr. 2018 - -
3rd Place Student Award ACM Apr. 2018 for Deepwound Science Fair Awards
First Prize Morgan Lewis Apr. 2018 for Deepwound Science Fair Awards
3rd Place at Northern CA Junior Science & Humanities Symposium Northern CA JSHS Feb. 2018 for Deepwound TBD
Recognized as a "Young Innovator to Watch" at CES 2018 Living in Digital Times Jan. 2018 for Theia Award Page
FBLA Nationals 2nd Place in Mobile Application Development FBLA-PBL June 2017 for Agora Devpost
2017 Apple WWDC Scholarship Recipient Apple Inc. May 2017 for Zookeeper Github
HSHacks III: Best use of Redis and Healthcare Datasets Redis + John Snow Labs Mar. 2017 for Vitruvian Devpost
California FBLA 1st Place in Mobile Application Development California FBLA Apr. 2017 for Agora Devpost
Congressional App Challenge 2017: Overall Winner CA-17 Silicon Valley District Feb. 2017 for Summit Devpost
Stanford health++ 2016 Global Oncology Grand Prize Global Oncology Nov. 2016 for Dermyx Devpost
Stanford health++ 2016 IBM Watson Grand Prize IBM Nov. 2016 for Dermyx Devpost
2016 Apple WWDC Scholarship Recipient Apple Inc. May 2016 for Summit Devpost
California FBLA 1st Place in Computer Game & Simulation Programming California FBLA Apr. 2016 for Pathogen Github
Los Altos Hacks: Top 5 Projects Los Altos Hacks Mar. 2016 for Mercari Devpost
Congressional App Challenge 2016: 'Most Appealing App Design' CA-17 Silicon Valley District Feb. 2016 for Ingenium Github
Make Hacks 3rd Place + Lyft Tour Make School + Lyft Nov. 2015 for ResQ Devpost

Events I've Attended

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