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about me 👨‍💻

  • Spent a few months working on applied NLP at Doss.
  • Drank too many cappuccinos in Seattle while interning at Remitly. Learned a thing or two about banking, payments, and micro-lending.
  • Built domain specific languages for digital health at Apple.
  • Ran events and engaged with venture capital at Contrary as a campus scout.
  • Engineered a framework to optimize digital circuits using machine learning at Stanford.
  • Explored machine learning and medicine at BAIR and the Palo Alto VA Hospital while in high school.
  • Grew up in the Bay Area, only a few blocks away from the original Apple campus.
  • Was a bit too young during the hayday of hackathons, but didn't want to miss it. In high school, I snuck into collegiate hackathons nearby since most only allowed kids above 18.
  • Started by building iOS apps. Got the opportunity to attend WWDC three times as a scholar.
  • Learned to adult in Boy Scouts. Spent two weeks in New Mexico backpacking nearly a hundred miles. I'm an Eagle Scout.