The following post is a running list of articles, videos, and books that have effectively changed my worldview.

It serves as a virtual file cabinet that seeks to help me understand others and the world as a whole.

  • Sounds Easy added 4/29/20
    A lot of developers (myself included) look at technological systems and suggest that we could build the same over the weekend (perhaps at a hackathon). However, we often overlook the inherent complexity that many fields are filled to the brim with. This essay is a gentle reminder that there is always more than what meets the eye in software.

  • Radical Solutions added 4/21/20
    The larger-than-life story of Évariste Galois, a young French mathematician who had an equal passion for revolution and the development of group theory. Super interesting read, with a wide cast of famous characters popping in every now and then (Fourier, Cauchy, Dumas, you get the idea).

  • MOOC added 3/24/20
    Super useful class to understand enough deep learning to dig deeper into specific categories later on your own time. Gets you familiarized with fundamental concepts, application, and Pytorch.

  • Re: You Bet! added 1/29/20
    This memo from investor Howard Marks to his clients of Oaktree Capital succinctly describes his perspective on decision making, in the world of stocks, gambling, and real life. It’s a relatively short read (full of poker metaphors) but it really helps one understand how the best decision makers reason their choices.

  • Answering Common Startup Questions added 1/29/20
    In this talk, Josh McFarland shares his honest beliefs on entrepreneurship and startups. My most interesting takeaway from him was to rely on rituals since they help you enjoy the highs of your life and get through the lows.