The following post is a running list of articles, videos, and books that have effectively changed my worldview.

It serves as a virtual bookshelf that seeks to help others understand themselves and the world around them. I hope to update this page every week.

  • Re: You Bet! added 1/29/20
    This memo from investor Howard Marks to his clients of Oaktree Capital succinctly describes his perspective on decision making, in the world of stocks, gambling, and real life. It’s a relatively short read (full of poker metaphors) but it really helps one understand how the best decision makers reason their choices.

  • Answering Common Startup Questions added 1/29/20
    In this talk, Josh McFarland shares his honest beliefs on entrepreneurship and startups. My most interesting takeaway from him was to rely on rituals since they help you enjoy the highs of your life and get through the lows.