CES 2018: Being Recognized as a Young Innovator to Watch

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Last week, I attended the international Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. My reason for attending the conference was that I was selected as a Young Innovator to Watch by Living in Digital Times for my app Theia. In summary, Theia uses deep learning algorithms to identify the onset of malignancies within a wound. This has been a project I’ve been working on since June of last year. I first engineered the deep neural networks and then developed a mobile app to serve the technology to patients and health providers. Our team at Stanford and the Palo Alto VA Hospital, spearheaded by Dr. Oliver Aalami, spent the last year collecting patient wound images and labeling them. I was the only data scientist on the team, and as such, I conducted all experimentation and algorithm formulation. Our abstract has been accepted to the 2018 Surgical Infection Society Annual Meeting. Only two days ago, our team learned that it had ranked in the top 10 accepted to the meeting. I’m incredibly humbled and am looking forward to continuing work on this project during this year.

Check out the rest of my app on the Young Innovators to Watch website!

Theia Overview

A slide from the presentation that was shown during my speech.

I’ve always followed CES through YouTube. If you told me two years ago that I was going to attend and present my work, I wouldn’t believe you for a second. Over the summer I worked at the United States Department of Veterans Affairs as a Data Scientist. I chose to work on utilizing machine learning techniques to accurately classify surgical wounds. I spent about 3 months reading current deep learning literature and developing the model. I realized that this algorithm would have a lot of potential as a mobile application. I designed it with the main users (patients and doctors) in mind and handcrafted the elegant user interface. With his consent, I decided to submit the app, Theia, to this competition.

Talking with David Pogue

Answering questions from renowned tech columnist David Pogue, our emcee (and one of my technology heroes!), after my presentation

With David Pogue and Clarence

I had the opportunity to talk with David Pogue after the event about how his "Making Stuff" series on NOVA impacted me. My close friend, Clarence, on the left happend to be at CES as well and attended my award ceremony!


Thank you Living in Digital Times for this wonderful opportunity to attend CES 2018!